Friday, July 06, 2007

My Little Stripper Girl

Gabriella was intent on taking this outfit off today.

OK mommy, I'll just ride my shopping cart then.

Speaking of taking things off..... Ask Ferdy the importance of putting the panties back on over the diaper when putting her down for a nap. The white dress with the flag on the 4th of July?? Yeah, not so white after a little finger painting... Neither were the sheets or the crib. But hey, after a bath, mommy got to put on some more red, white and blue!!

This picture isn't the best, but I love the way she scrunches up her nose. She does it a lot and it's so cute. It usually comes complete with loud breathing like a dragon through her nose. She makes that noise any time I sigh. Makes me laugh.

We have her exersaucer collapsed and sitting in our room. She went and climbed on in.

But, then wasn't too happy when she couldn't get out.


Shannon said...

I love the "Help! I've fallen and can't get up!" pic. Too funny!!!

Type (little) a said...

We knew it was time for a sit and spin when our daughter started playing in the collapsed exersaucer!

And she played poop picasso? Lucky you.


Ginger--Maya's mommy said...

She is so adorable. Love the crunched up nose.

Muriel Elrod said...

She is cute when she scrunches up her nose. I love the stuck in the saucer picture. Sophie got her walker up tp full spead yesterday and hit the threshold and went flying head first out of the walker. I almost died. It was scary but she was fine and laughing. Need;es to say that will be collapsed soon.

Kim said...

Please tell me that Ferdy has learned his lesson?!? Yikes!! It's funny that she has been doing that scrunched up nose thing for so long - but it's so cute!!

Farrah said...

I love that little girl,I can't wait until we are together again..

Karen D. said...

I love the scrunched up nose!!

Your post made me laugh! Today I was washing some of Abbie's clothes for when I get to bring her home in a few weeks. I actually looked at some of those panty things and wondered what the purpose was, other than to look cute! Now I know! Thanks, Alleen!

The McKenzie Crew said...

that is one cutie patootie -


I AM coming to FL.....
details to be anounced soon - get the guatemama crowd prepared to be Juliasized!LOL!!!!!!

I can't wait to meet you guys!!!

MMrussianadoption said...

Olivia does the same nose crinch when she laughs hard. I love it.

Sorry about the crib though.

Carrie said...

Savannah hasn't done that yet with the exersaucer top, but I am sure she will.

Daddy's just don't know about those things. Oh well!

Love the photos and the new red, white and blue!