Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Mid-Week Roundup

Ferdy's mom bought Gabriella this toy and she just loves pulling it around the house while it goes clackity-clack on the tile. The old-fashioned toys are sometimes the best ones.

Hmmmm, what's in this drawer I wonder?

Hold on, let me zip up my purse.

OK, ready!

Bing was quite surprised when the music started as he climbed onto the chair.


Ginger--Maya's mommy said...

I can't wait to meet this chick oneday. I just adore her cute little smile.

Bekah said...

Benjamin has that top toy from Ikea and absolutely loves dragging it everywhere. I love the old school type wooden toys. She is adorable as always!

ursheadwear said...

Your little Girl is sooooooooooooo cute! I have been stalking your Blog for a very long time

Love Miss G's Gmom

Carrie said...

That is so cute with Bing on the chair. Our cats have not ventured there.

I cannot wait to get our girls together. They can find all the balloons and banners!

Yes, Gabriella will talk, just like one day Savannah will walk. She took three steps today, but just doesn't really want to do it on her own. All in good time and we have to be patient, even though we don't want to. Savannah will take off running and Gabriella will speak in sentences!

Sharon & Bill said...

Too cute!!! She loves to accessorize!!

I too hope that we are out of PGN in under 8 weeks. I hope they keep up that pace. Our attorney seems very thorough so hopefully she will make sure all is in order before being submitted to PGN. I am getting so antsy waiting. I can't wait to meet Olivia.


Kim said...

I just love Miss G with her purse!! She's a girl after my own heart. ;)

Kerry said...

Alleen, try looking into Spirit Air. Sign up to get their fare notifications. You usually have to fly on certain days and the sales are for certain days, but sometimes you can get lucky. I've seen Orlando/Atlanta at $24 each way sometimes. Worth a shot!

Holly G. said...

Alleen, she has such an evil little grin. You can tell when she is up to no good. What a gorgeous kid.


Ellie Puls said...

Isn't it amazing the little personalities these little girls get! One minute they are playing with little toys, next they watch you do your make-up and hair, and then they want it done to them... then... they go outside with the boy's and yep... MUD!

I love these pictures... She sure is a little sweet heart!


Kya Blu's Mommy Candy...aka KiKi said...

OH MY GOSH...We LOVE your STEELERS HAT...Kya Blu needs one of those too...TOO CUTE

Sarah said...

Alleen... With regards to First Steps... yes, her therapy is through the state and here, your pediatrician can refer you for their services and they will call you to schedule an assessment. Speech is the only thing Bug is still doing. She did physical therapy for a year after coming home and hardly holding her head up at 5 months old and lasted until she finally walked at 15 1/2 months old. We also had a DI (Developmental Interventionist) who was awesome, see her for about a year who assessed her overall development. You pay it on a sliding scale according to your income, but it can be free. The best part is that the therapists come to YOU in the comfort of your own home or daycare. LOVE THAT!!