Monday, January 14, 2008


How is it possible that my baby is 22 months old today??? My goodness. I am so not ready for her to be two already...... I even ordered her party supplies today. Ack...

Here are pictures from the last week or so.

Gabriella thought the pink and brown bow would look better on Bing than on her.

Pleaaaaaaaase Bing, let me put it in your hair. Don't you just love the look on his face???

She gathered up all her play hot dogs, put them in the pan and sat down to feast on them. Don't they look yummy? Now, I guarantee if they were real she wouldn't have anything to do them. She's on a meat strike these days. I have to hide any meat(or fish) in something like rice or applesauce to get her to eat it. I have no idea what happened, but one day she just refused to eat it. If I make her a grilled turkey and cheese, which used to be a favorite, she will pick the turkey out.

Gabriella is a girl on the move. I mean non-stop and that's no exaggeration. But, oddly enough, if Ferdy puts music videos on the computer, she is mesmerized. Nothing, but nothing captures her attention like this. No cartoon or children's show.... Her favorite? Old Beatles videos. She is her father's daughter. She will stand there and stare and then every so often, she dances for a bit and then goes back to her trance. She even grabs Ferdy's hand the minute he walks in the door after work and takes him back to that room because she wants him to put the videos on. The only problem? It's a total meltdown if you turn them off and take her out when it's time for dinner.

I got her this pair of sunglasses and she wore them around everywhere. She even wore them in the bath that night, but I didn't get a pic of that. I find it funny since she would have nothing to do with wearing sunglasses before. I hope this bodes well for her wearing them this spring/summer when we're outside.

She tried them upside-down for a change in the look.


I thought this picture was funny. She pulled up her chair to the window and just sat looking out.

I can cook better with my shades on too.

Here Bing, try them. I swear they make everything look better!

I forgot to post these pics from a couple of weekends ago at the park.


Sarah said...

Miss G is just so cute! Her personality just shines in all your pictures of her! The picture of her looking out the window reminds me of the beginning of the Cat In The Hat book.... too funny!!

Bing seems to enjoy being in the action!!

Farrah and Jed said...

Madisyn is the same exact way...
NO meat for her either..
And sunglasses she hated now she loves them.

Our girls must be sole sista's...

John & Sarah said...

Hannah loved her sunglasses also! I cannot wait for us to get to introduce the girls to each other and have a play date.

Ginger--Maya's mommy said...

Almost 2??? She is so cute. I have missed her cute smile.

Cheri said...

Ahhhh! The Beatles are timeless. The sunglasses rock!

Kim said...

She is getting so big!! But as cute as ever. She is such a good picture taker - Alex not so much - or maybe it's the picture taker!! ;)

Anonymous said...

Rose color glasses and the Beatles. Life doesn't get much better than that, G!

Auntie S

JuJu - said...

I just love to watch her through pictures - It prepares me for what lies ahead with My Baby Girl:)

Today - she climbed on the fireplace -

she is 8 months old - and climing--

-no sitting still - unless she is strapped in her high chair or car seat!!!!!

I will be calling you;)


nikki said...

They grow up too fast. Can't wait to hear plans for her 2nd b-day!!
Love that first picture at the park, you both look so excited!!!

Michelle Smiles said...

So cute!!

Sabrina goes on meat strikes here and there and I have to break out the eggs and beans. I even resorted to chicken nuggets and veggie burgers to get some protein into her.

Shelby said...

Wow-- She is getting so big. Wasn't it just the other day they were not even mobile yet??!!

Kerri said...

Love the pics! We're only slightly jealous of the outfit she was wearing at the park as we wish for spring.
Kerri and Ruby

Well-heeled mom said...

The Boy has never been much of a meat eater. I've often wondered if it isn't heritage in part.

I envy your beautiful weather!

MMrussianadoption said...

sigh, time goes so fast.

Becca said...

She is too cute! I love the sunglass pictures.

I am a veggie-tarian and Ella for the most part is, too. I am very careful to include protein in most of our meals. Doctor said it was fine ~ healthy even. She does eat the occasional egg and one time while I was across the country my dearest husbamd called and told me he was feeding my baby a HOTDOG. I was so mad! I got in my car and drove across the country - literally - to kick him in his smart aleck behind.


Princess D said...

Such a beauty. Loved the PR pics btw. I loved it there when I visited. You are so lucky to have family there. Can you believe it she is almost 2. It goes so fast. I remember when Dani was about to turn 2 it felt like it crept up on me and she has just had her first birthday party.

Carrie said...

Love all the photos. Poor Bing. So good natured. She is so funny with the sunglasses!

I am so denying that Savannah will be 22 months tomorrow and two in March! It has gone fast, but it is very exciting too.

Can't wait to see you tomorrow! I will call you from the parks today. We have gotten back late every night and I forgot to take your phone number!

Our Family of 5 said...

Miss G is such a ray of sunshine!

Sharon & Bill said...

Gabriella has great taste in music
The Beatles are my favorite too.

Rock on


Tera said...

You know, Alleen, for as BUSY as your sweet bee is, you really do take some WONDERFUL photos of her! Truly! You are GOOD!!

I can't believe that she is almost two...where and the world does the time go??