Friday, January 11, 2008

It's Friday!!!!

So, I couldn't pick one of these for FFF, so I'll post both that I took this morning. I love the first one because it shows her gorgeous eyes and the second shows her spunky personality.

Oh, and many of you asked about the Secret Blog Pal. This round, our blogger buddy Muriel set it up. Her blog is private though, so you may not have seen the info on it. I'm not sure if she'll do a round after this or not. If there is another round started, I will post the info on it when I know..... It's about our 4th or 5th round and it's so much fun picking out a little something for your pal and getting a surprise in the mail.


Stephanie said...

Man these Guate babies are so cute! Gabriella is so pretty and yes, very spunky!
I love your new page! How did you do it? I tried to change mine up but I couln't figure it out.

Anonymous said...

Miss G, you do have "spririt", which is what my Mom, Shorty, said and says about me :-)

Love you bunches,
Auntie S

P.S. I can't wait to see you and your parents. Maybe in March? Will you have your pool open then?

Becca said...

Those are cute pictures - and yes, she shows lots of spirit! They may come back to bite you on the you-know-what one day down the road!

Momma to Ella

The Collins Family said...

Those eye! Those eyes!!!!

Bekah said...

She really does have THE MOST GORGEOUS eyes!!!

Kerri said...

Love the pics! Her spirit just shines through!
Kerri and Ruby

Our Family of 5 said...

Ok, she has the best smile!! She smiles with her whole face. I love it!!

Kim said...

Love the pics!!! (and I've been a very back SBP - I need to get my rear in gear!!)

Amy S. said...

Sooo cute...and what a smile!
Ms. G is getting big...
She sure keeps you on your toes!

Love and hugs..

JuJu - said...


as my baby grows and her personality shines through more and more -

I wish that you lived down the street and that we could give each other therapy at starbucks!

Nothing like a pint sized diva running the show -
at lest they are CUTE;);)

Love to you guys:)


DJ Holly Rock said...

Is that what we are going to call it from now on...spunky??? Sounds good to me. I definitely have not been calling my Miss G spunky, but spunky definitely sounds better.

Alleen, she is so beautiful!!!


Lou said...

I can just see the spunk in Miss G!!! She is FABulous!

Anonymous said...

Hi My Al,

What a beautiful little toot you and Ferdy have. I hope to meet her some day. In the meantime, I can enjoy her through your pictures.

Say hi to Kathi for me, please.

Love and hugs,
Miss Shorty
(Auntie S's Mom)

Lori said...

I love that smile!!

I would love to be included in the SBP if it comes around again!

nikki said...

Love that spunky smile!!!

Bobbi said...

WOW! Look at those eyes. They are beautiful.

I must confess that I came to copy the taco soup recipe from Sept. It is now one of my most "famous" recipes!! Thank you!!

Scarlett_333 said...

aww, those are gorgeous pictures! When you get a chance, send me an email with your blog login info and I will fix your blog for you! I am having trouble with my photobucket so need to change the codes!


Carrie said...

I love both photos--big beautiful eyes and spunky smile!