Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Picture Catch-up

I've got pics from the last week that I haven't posted yet, so here are some. I dug out my old camera until mine is back from the factory..... but, at least I can take some indoors again.

Here is Miss G eating some "cake". She walks around the house with various plates and puts paper and whatever she can find on it and declares it to be cake!

Is this not the cutest bathing suit and grass skirt??? The best part .... With a coupon I had, it cost me 85 cents, including tax!! Gabriella absolutely loved wearing it.

Somebody needs their first haircut.

Is this a fashion statement, or what? She went into my closet and emerged wearing this. I cracked up when I saw her.

Check out this look.

This picture is a bit blurry, but I thought it was so cute. She got the newspaper, sat at her table and looked so serious reading it.

And this is the look that says "Don't even think about taking this remote from me.".

Back away from the remote.

Ooooooh, a secret compartment!

Life looks a little rough for Bing, huh?


Kim said...

She is so freakin' cute!! Love the bathing suit. And she hasn't had a haircut yet?? I would have never guessed it - her hair is growing in so perfectly!!

Laurie said...

Such a cutie pie! I love the blue swimsuit and WHAT a bargain! :) I so wish I had a wonderful pool like you Floridians! :)

JuJu - said...

Love the pics as usual:)

Farrah and Jed said...

She is a doll....Love her dimples and that bathing suit...WOW

Sarah said...

She is the most expressive little princess ever! So stinkin cute! LOVE the suit... and Bing... he's got it going on!

Anonymous said...

Al, I don't know which pic I like the best. Miss G is a ham!

Miss ya :-(
Auntie S

nikki said...

That bathing suite is adorable, and don't you just love a bargin!!
Liv's bangs are exactly the same way, I'm hoping to grow them out, but I always get so tempted to cut them just to get them out of her eyes.

Our Family of 5 said...

Seeing Miss G always puts a smile on my face. She is so photogenic!! Awesome deal on the adorable swim suit! Happy Mother's day!

Amy S. said...

Such cute pictures Alleen! I miss keeping up commenting. I promise to do better. :( Miss G has grown a little since I last left a a comment. PLeaseeeeeeeee send me a link to "Bings" blog. It disappeared from my "favorite places".

Love and Hugs.....

Sharon said...

She is so cute!!! Love the grass skirt.
Who shot Bing? LOL


Tera said...

Hi Alleen!!

I love the professional pics...they are incredible. Honestly, you take some great pics yourself. Your blog always has some of the BEST pics...off the charts CUTE!!

I moved my bloggy. Leaving a link for you! God bless.

Tera said...

Hi Alleen!! I cannot for the life of me remember which seller I purchased Emma's car seat cover from. :/ I do think that with handmade items, feedback is everything...so, if you like the pattern (carnival bloom), I would just find a seller with stellar feedback and purchase one from them. We really love Emma's car seat cover and it has saved her seat from spit up, sticky fingers and diaper mishaps. She also has a shopping cart cover in the same pattern and I LOVE it! The seller is mattie4green and the quality is incredible. Have a wonderful mother's day!! God bless.

Carrie said...

Oldies but goodies! She looks adorable. I love the hula and her hair in little bunches. It has really grown a lot. Her outfits and newpaper reading are precious!

So no ice pops yet? Savannah does great controlling it and I let her walk around with it. I figure we will change the carpets and couches in 8 years so do whatever. I don't like them anyway! I know she is getting a molar and she loves the ice pops (actually fruit pops).

Our weather is crazy. One day 80 degrees and the next day 60!

MMrussianadoption said...

she is starting to lose her baby look. so beautiful as always

Mackenzie's Forever Family said...

Poor Bing....I bet it's pretty tough keeping up with Little Miss.

Corey said...

I love the many looks of Miss G
I cant wait to set upa play date :)