Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Adopt Proud

A fellow adoptive parent using the same agency as mine has started a venture that is pretty cool. Instead of trying to cleverly paraphrase the intent, I'll just post from the website:

Adopt Proud was born out of a desire to spark conversation. To, through the use of one simple word, trigger lively discussions both about adoption and about family. At Adopt Proud we believe that only through redefining the concept of family will all in need of a home finally find one.

So, check out the website: adoptproud.org

I'm certainly proud to be adopting and not because I think it's some noble thing to do, but because I am proud I will be known as mom to a wonderful, beautiful child. I will be proud to watch her grow and blossom into whatever she dreams possible. And I am also proud to be adopted myself. People who know me already know that fact, but my cyberspace friends likely don't(though some do). It was always something I felt made me a special person. I remember as a child working it into conversations with classmates,friends,etc. very early on. It was something that not many other kids got to claim rights to and that was pretty darn cool in my books.

My shirt was delivered last week - pretty cool. I think I'll wear it the day I go to register for my baby shower(thank you Sares and my other AWESOME!!! friends who are putting it together). At least then I won't get strange looks putting together a registry without a pregnant belly (though all the eating I've done since I quit my job is certainly working towards one that might be mistaken for early pregnancy!).

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Anonymous said...

Al and Ferdy,

Just four more sleeps, and you'll meet your baby girl!

Have a fun and safe trip!

Aunt Sares