Wednesday, May 10, 2006

I just love updates

I just got an email update from a visit from our agency to the foster mom that took place May 2. So, these pictures are from a couple of days before the last ones posted, but they're new to me!
Her foster mom says Gabriella is drinking 2oz of formula every 2 hrs and that she is sleeping in her crib(yeah!!) usually by 10 PM - waking at 4 AM and 7:30 AM for a bottle. WOW! That sounds pretty good to me! She says she has no problems with gas or colic.


Holly G. said...

OMG!!! She is so cute and tiny!!! My little Gia would look like a monster next to her. At two months(which was one month ago) she was already weighing in at 11 pounds.

Congratulations, she is beautiful. It looks everything is moving smoothly.


Anonymous said...

Pretty in pink!!!!

Aunt Sares

Erica said...

Hi, I just found your blog. One of our tots (Carter) had the same foster mom as your daughter does! (We adopted two babies through same agency, came home March 24th).

Good luck with your process!

MAMB said...

What a pretty little girl!