Thursday, May 04, 2006

Guatemala Bound!!!!

We're going to see Gabriella!!! We are going to visit Guatemala from May 27 - June 4. Since the baby drop-offs are only done during the week, we will stay in a beautiful little charming town called Antigua Saturday and Sunday. Then, on Monday May 29, we'll get to meet our daughter for the first time!

I can't tell you the emotions I feel - they range from excitement to fear! I somehow have to be ready to care for a tiny little baby within the next 3 weeks!

We're planning on taking a laptop and the hotel has wireless internet, so I'll hopefully be able to post while we're there and keep everyone up-to-date.


Anonymous said...

Man three whole weeks to get ready for baby care. The violins are playing behind me. Try 20 min!!!

I am sure you will take to it like an old pro. It is after about six weeks of no or little sleep that I started wondering what the return policy was. ( I am kidding of course).

We will be watching for updates for sure.

Kevin and Kim

Anonymous said...

Somehow I found my way to this site, and I just wanted to say that I lived in Antigua taking care of our dear little boy for three months last summer. You will LOVE Antigua! Yesterday was my one year anniversary of being a mother - I met the little baby wrapped tightly in a blanket and can recall the emotion, the love, and the anticipation of his life like it was yesterday! Good luck and enjoy your weekend in Antigua!

Tara said...

That is such great news. I can only imagine how exciting all of this is for you guys.

P.S. Alleen, whenever customers are getting to me I check your site to cheer me up. So needless to say I'm checking your site everyday :) I'm so happy for you.

Anonymous said...

I remember the feelings that Cindy and I had when we know that travel to get Abigail was coming close. Anything else that is going on starts to become meaningless, and all that matters to getting to she your little girl!

Take more pictures that you think that you should because the trip is going to be a WONDERFUL blur!

This is the best time of your life!!!

MAMB said...

How exciting! I can't imagine the feeling knowing she will be in your arms so soon. You must be counting the minutes.