Monday, May 29, 2006

A Day in the Life

Here are a couple more pictures we took today. She really enjoyed some play time with daddy. She had some tummy time too and is doing a good job lifting her head up.


Anonymous said...

Hi Alleen Ferdy and Gabriella!!!

I´m totally impressed that you have updated already. Wow! And she is totally cute and beautiful! Glad to hear that your day has gone well. I know what you mean about shaking, crying, emotional overflow walking over to that room...


Mom Fike said...

Awesome!!!!! We have checked the website almost hourly...Mom even checked it the last time around 12:30 last night! She's still a beautiful girl isn't she! We are so happy for you two...Al, you have dark circles...haven't been sleeping much I'll bet....
-Mom Fike (and Jeri)

MAMB said...

You both must be over the moon! It's wonderful to see you with your little one! Congrats Mom & Dad.

Anonymous said...

Hello Alleen, Ferdy and Gabriella!

Wonderful to see you all together. Gabriella's still a super-model baby - what a beauty! Alleen, so much love. Glad its all going well and you've finally got to hold her. They are such amazing time-wasters. You can sit and watch for hours. Enjoy every minute of it.

Much love


Staci said...


I enjoyed all the pictures!

Gabriella looks more beautiful in each picture I see of her.

I'm so glad to see things are going well. It's just amazing to me that you will have your gorgeous little girl at home before too long!

Keep the updates coming :)

Anonymous said...

Hi 3!

Love the pic!

So happy for the three of you.


Kim said...

Oh my gosh A&F, you two look like such naturals! I am so happy for you and Gabriella that you have finally been able to meet! Enjoy your time together--it's amazing how every little thing can be enjoyable... right down to the diapers :)


Sam said...

Congratulations, Alleen!

I agree with everyone that she is quite the beauty. It's so wonderful to see the three of you together at last.

Antigua is incredibly gorgeous. I absolutely loved the pic of the lap pool (huh? it looked like an ancient ruin! :)) that you almost fell in while eating! That is a fabulous description! :)

Eagerly awaiting more updates--


Anonymous said...

Oh what a grad day. I'm super happy for the two of you. This is just the beginning of wonderful memories. Thanks for sharing your experience and the pictures. I really enjoy them.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the wonderful pictures of your family!! Gabriella is such a cutey!

So I think the big question will be..Will Alleen actually come home on that return fight after seeing her beautiful daughter? My bets are on her losing her plane tickets..accidentally of course! :)