Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Picture Catch-up

I'm posting some pictures from her birthday week and last week through this week to catch up.

OK, we interrupt this post for a mild heart attack... I forgot the Space Shuttle was landing tonight and the sonic booms had me jump out of my chair. After all of these years, it scares the bejeebers out of me every single time. I especially love when it lands at like 4am. Nothing like getting your heart pumping.

Anyway, back to the pictures!

Showing off her new shades, necklace, bracelet and Crocs that she got for her birthday.

With daddy and Titi Karen.

And now with Grandma. Kera had to get in on the action.

A RARE shot of the three of us. Even rarer that she isn't being held by her armpits to keep her sitting there.

Showing off the outfit Grandma(my mom) made and another bow that I did!

Daddy's home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Always take time to smell the flowers, even if it leaves pollen all over your face!


Muriel and Jerry said...

She is so cute. I love the flower picture. So darling.

Anonymous said...

She gets more and more beautiful by the day!! And I LOVE the bows!!!

Kristin & Greg said...

So very precious!! Did anyone ever tell you how much your sweet princess looks like her mommy and daddy?!!? It's uncanny!! God's amazing like that! ;)


Kim said...

Love the clothes - I'm so jealous that you guys can go outside!!!!

JuJu - said...

Great pics:)

Love the one of the three of you!!!


JuJu - said...

Great pics:)

Love the one of the three of you!!!


Shelby said...

Those pictures are great.. The bows are so cool. Love them

Michelle Smiles said...

Great bows!

I can't believe she is 2! She is a beauty as always!

Anonymous said...

Al - Love the pic of the 3 of you :-)

Auntie S

nikki said...

Love the family pic!!
The bows are really nice, you should sell them!!

Carrie said...

Your bows are a masterpiece. She looks beautiful in turquoise. I love the family photo. Kera doesn't get in the action too often either.

Sorry about the space shuttle scare. That would be quite startling if you were not expecting it. When I was 11 we went and watched a lift off when we were in Disney.

Ginger--Maya's mommy said...

She is way too cute!!! Love the pics with the shades and the cell phone. She has really got it going on.

Kerri said...

Kerri and Ruby

Princess D said...

Beautiful Job on the bows. Love your cute girly! Tagging Ms. G!

Ellie said...

Love the pictures... She is getting so big...

Princess D beat me to it... YOu have been tagged 2 times now...