Sunday, March 30, 2008

Tagged !!!

Miss G here. Seems I've been tagged and tagged and tagged(by at least four of my buddies!). So, here goes.... I'm supposed to list 10 interesting things about me. Isn't it ALL about me????

1. My mommy calls me "spirited". Anybody know what that means??

2. My favorite foods are pizza ( I scream "pizza" at the commercials), nannies(bananas) and red beans(right out of the can).

3. I yell "weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" whenever we pass by a park or swingset in the car.

4. I never tire of saying "hi" to people over and over and over and over in a store. People say it back the first couple of times and then when I keep yelling it at them, they stop. Why is that?

5. I love, love, love shoes, purses and sunglasses. Mommy said it's good to accessorize. So, I guess it's extra good to wear lots of them at once, right?

6. As much as I love shoes, I think I love taking them off in my stroller or in the shopping cart even more. I don't get why my mommy get so nuts over this.

7. I like to look right at mommy or daddy and drop food onto the floor. For some reason, they take my food away when I do this. I guess I'm slow 'cause I keep doing it.

8. I don't like bugs. I just yell "bug", "bug" and go the other way.

9. I think all birds quack.

10. I insist on a bow in my hair most days. Mommy is so happy about that. Now, she just says she needs to find some fertilizer to get my hair to grow longer!

I don't think there's anybody else out there that hasn't been tagged, so.........


Crystal said...

You know I think our girls would be great friends!!! Sophie takes shoes and socks off EVERYWHERE we go too! Jeff was going crazy this weekend-- We took the kids to an indoor play area and I got Sam out of the car and he got Sophie (she had her shoes off) He looked at me and said does she always do this? :)

Kim said...

I saw your comment on Sig's blog.

We use the book - The Sneaky Chef and when I was looking it up to make sure I got the author correct, I found this:

The Sneaky Chef: How to Cheat on Your Man (In the Kitchen!): Hiding Healthy Foods in Hearty Meals any Guy Would Love


Anonymous said...

Lexi does 1,3,4 ,7,8,9! These Guatebabies are so similar! LOL

Stephanie (damebeso1)

Becca said...

For some reason number nine is "quacking" me up!

Peace and Hugs,

Our Family of 5 said...

Oh My gosh! She is such a Diva! her and Sophia would totally get along good!

Carrie said...

Cute Gabriella tidbits. It is fun to think about our toddlers little things that we take for granted that they do everyday, but it makes them who they are!

Savannah agrees with no shoes or socks on and definitely accessorize, accessorize, accessorize!!!!

Spirited, definitely. I also say she is definite!