Monday, March 17, 2008

Thank You SBP & 2-Year Checkup

Here's a picture of the great stuff my SBP sent. There is a wonderful cupcake cookbook and Harry & David Truffles for mommy and a cute jumper outfit and Ballerina book(that came with a cute bracelet too!) for Gabriella with a birthday wish. Thank you!!!!!!!!

Gabriella had her 2-Year checkup today. She is 26 1/4 pounds and approximately 33 1/2 inches tall. I say approximately because she was not very cooperative today. She wouldn't stand up against the wall to get measured and was freaking out when I tried to lay her on the table so the nurse could mark the paper and measure her. So, the nurse had to stand back and I wrangled with her enough to mark the paper myself. But, it definitely wasn't very accurate. She wouldn't stand on the scale either and we had to weigh her on the baby scale.

She pretty well freaked about everything(listening to her chest, looking in her ears and mouth) that the Dr. did too. Aye yay. I don't know if she remembers the last time she went to the dr. was when she got burned or what since she was never that bad before. All I can say is thank goodness there were no shots today. I can't imagine having to get her still enough for that.

Here are some pics from yesterday and today.

I will try to post more pics of the last week with grandma and Titi Karen soon.


Kim said...

She is such a little diva - I love it!!!

Sharon & Bill said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Gabriella!!
Your party looked like so much fun!!

Your trip to the doctor sounds very familiar. Olivia is always anything but cooperative!

Amy S. said...

Alleen...I enjoyed looking at all of the pictues. I looked at them a few times. I enjoy seeing Ms G. in all her different outfits. I can tell she keeps you busy. How and where was Bing during her birthday party? Happy Happy Birthday to the Birthday Girl!

Love and Hugs..

Anonymous said...

Miss G, you are style'n and profile'n in your shades and hat. Come to think of it, you are very "Hollywood"!

See you in 5 weeks and 2 days.

Auntie S

Kerri said...

Poor girl! The doctor's office can be so traumatic!
Love the pics!!!
Kerri and Ruby

Ellie said...


YOU GONNA HAVE PROBLEMS WHEN SHE GROWS UP! hahaha... Little miss diva is SOOOOOOOOOOoo adorable now, but just wait till she gets older.. You are going to have to lock her in her room!~


She is always a Happy little thing!


nikki said...

Miss G is one cool chick!!!!
I'm expecting Liv's check up to go the same way.

Mackenzie's Forever Family said...

I do beleive that girl of yours is going to be a star one day.

Ana's Mama said...

Just stopping by to see how little Gabriella is doing. It's been a while since I have been in cyber-world. She is a beatiful little girl. God Bless!