Sunday, April 06, 2008

Brighten Up a Rainy Weekend

Good thing I took these pics on Friday. It's rained all weekend here. Gabriella has stood at the door or windows saying "naining, naining" over and over and over and over. Let's hope it's sunny tomorrow!! She wants to go outside and play.

My mom made Gabriella's outfit and I think it's just too cute! So, here's a big 'ol photo shoot for you.


Sharon said...

That outfit is adorable!!! I love the picture of Gabriella smelling the flower!!! It's beautiful!!!!


Kim said...

Love the outfit!! We actually had a nice day today - our first ever!!

Kerri said...

The outfit is adorable and made even more so by the cutie wearing it. Will be hoping for nice weather tomorrow.
Kerri and Ruby

Muriel and Jerry said...

OMG so dang cute. Your mom has some major talent.

Mackenzie's Forever Family said...

Poor little lady bug can't play outside. Our little monkey has been sitting at the window too. I hate keeping her inside all day because she never seems to sleep as well as when she's had a good old fashioned day at the park.

Carrie said...

Love the ladybugs and Gabriella looks cute as a bug! Did you make the matching bow?

We are dying to play outside on our twin swing set and we can't get a warm day for anything. It was 51 the other day and it felt like summer to us. I am sure you would be freezing. Today is 39 and overcast.

I was so thinking that Bing would be in the back of the pink car. Savannah's cats don't have that play with her personality. They are sweet, but keep their distance and enjoy her toys when she is not around.

Anonymous said...

Cute outfit, Miss G! I have a feeling Grandma will be making you more in the very near future.

I too love the pic of you smelling the flower. It reminds me of my fav pic of Syd, my eldest niece. She was in the field behind their home, and she bent over to smell the flowers and her parents got a pic of her. Love, love that pic!!!

Auntie S
P.S. Two weeks from Thursday we'll be seeing you guys! Can't wait! Miss G, you'll have to show Mark and me how you get into your furry siblings' pet condo. I'd love to see that firsthand!

Donna said...

The outfit is great! Love the pix. I hope it has stopped raining by you so you can go out and play! I hope it stops being winter here so we can go out as well!

take care!

MMrussianadoption said...

oh, i need her to make me one too. i always call olivia my little lovebug. i just got her ladybug pjs. too cute.

Our Family of 5 said...

Ok, do tell where the adorable outfit came from??

Robyn said...

I absolutely love Gabriella's outfit!! I am a huge ladybug lover!!