Saturday, April 26, 2008

Gabriella Meets Shamu

Gabriella and I went with Sarah and Mark to Sea World today. I was really nervous about how she was going to do. With her sensory-seeking issues, she literally can't sit still and won't sit in your lap for more than a few seconds without fighting to get down. I figured the shows were going to be a wrestling match ending with me taking her out. Much to my surprise, the stimulation of the music and action was enough to have her sit through them and love it! She sat through 3 shows that were 20-30 minutes each!!!!! We were there from 9-5 and she was so good the whole day, including during lunch. She napped in her stroller(another rareity these days) for about 30 minutes and went to sleep tonight as soon as her head hit the bed.
At breakfast before leaving.

Clyde or Seamore(not sure which)

Awwwww, don't they make a cute family???

Daddy couldn't come because he had to work. Gabriella took advantage of Mark filling in.

She sat up on the table and ate almost an entire container of Goldfish crackers. This again, was just an awe-inspiring thing for me. She normally would be clamoring to get down and for some reason, she just sat there entertained for probably 30 minutes.

Wiped out.
Sarah and Mark took more pics with their cameras and hopefully I can get some emailed to me and post some more.


Becca said...

How cute! I understand Gabriella's need to move, as Ella constantly has a serious case of the wiggles. BUT she did sit through Horton Hears A Who TWICE at "the show" - so if it is something they're into, maybe they'll stop wiggling long enough to soak it all in.

And BTW - call or go see your doctor about getting a Rx of Phenergan just to keep on hand. It isn't a controlled substance or anything like that - in fact, I think it's just a antihistamine that also calms the belly.

Peace and Hugs,

Kim said...

I'm glad you had a great day at Sea World!! I can just imagine how tiring it gets to deal with her squirmies all the time. (and I love her outfit, sunglasses and hat!)

Kerri said...

Sounds like Sea World was a hit! She is absolutely adorable (as always).
Kerri and Ruby

Our Family of 5 said...

Sea World sounds like it was a Success! And of course Miss G looked adorable in her outfit =)

MMrussianadoption said...

i hear ya on the wont sit still issues. it looked like a fun tiime. i am jealous

Carrie said...

I am glad you had such a good day and it was a positive experience. It looks like she totally enjoyed it and she looks beautiful in blue.

I find Savannah's behavior so much better at 2 than 1. Maybe you are turning a corner. I hope so. Then you can have a lot more fun!

Shelby said...

I am so glad she had a good time. We will have to plan another trip!!!

Anonymous said...

Al, I keep thinking, "this time last week...." Waaaa. I so miss you guys.

Maybe you and Miss G should put on your sunglasses, get in the car and drive up!

Auntie S