Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I took these pics on Monday at the park. Gabriella is a slide fanatic and says 'weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee' every time we drive past a playground. Sometimes she even says it when she just sees a fenced in area somewhere. When you drive up the street to our house, her playset is visible as you get close and she always sees it and says 'weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee'.

And here she is giving Kera some loving.

I know this one is out of focus, but I thought her expression was too cute anyway.

She now knows all three cats by name, though she doesn't get them right 100% of the time, except for Apple.


Farrah and Jed said...

Alleen she is adorable all the way around...Out of Focus or not!!!

And you are getting sooo good at making those bows!

You need to open a BOW shop too...

Kerri said...

Love that sweet smile and those dimples!
Kerri and Ruby

nikki said...

Olivia says the same thing for the park. "weeeeeeeee" is all I hear anymore

Maria and Family said...

LOVE pictures of Gabriella and her kittys :) I check out your blog all the time.Thanks for popping by my blog :) Hey email me k?

Carrie said...

Weeeeeeeee is our sound of the moment too--swings, slides, driveways, hills, anything that goes up and down is weeeeeeee! It is a great sound.

What fun at the park!