Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Guatoberfest Recap

Gabriella and I got home yesterday about 6 from Atlanta. I am exhausted beyond belief. The pillows at the hotel were horrible and I didn't sleep for 3 nights. The trains that went by at 11, 1, 3 and 5 didn't help much in that department either. Gabriella thankfully slept great and even napped! Phew.

I sure got a lesson in just how wild and crazy Gabriella is. She can't sit still and it was exhausting to chase after her. I gazed with envy at the calm ones like Alex, Sophie, Sabrina and Mindy(among others). In the course of the weekend she got a bruised cheek on the stairs in the lobby, busted her lip on the carpet in the meeting room and then busted it again last night on the bathroom cabinet drawer.

It was so wonderful to meet so many other families and some blogger friends. Sorry for those who I never really had a chance to talk with, but I'm sure you understand why when watching the tornado we call Gabriella tear through the place with mommy trying to keep up. Thanks to everyone who helped me wrangle her back into her stroller over the weekend. It was definitely a two-person job.

I also didn't really get very many pictures. I quickly realized I couldn't keep her out of trouble and wield the camera at the same time.
Meeting our friend Sophie with Mindy looking on.

This was a common pose throughout the weekend while screeching to get out of the stroller.

What kind of trouble can I get into here?

Tell me this look does not say it all?!

We got the kids dressed in their Halloween outfits and attempted to get a group shot. Can I just say hilarious????!!!!
My little tiger.

Sophs and her daddy.

Gee, look at which one is trying to escape!

Once we realized there was no hope for getting the kids alone in a picture, we had mommies get in it.

Left to right: Mindy, Alex, John Bryan, Sophie, Cameron, Gabriella

Daddy, do the Steeler's let women play?

Yes, she stole the pom-poms from a baby. Time to get some socializing in to teach her to share.

We went to the aquarium on Sunday. Since I couldn't get her out of her stroller(because she wouldn't let me just hold her and running around was not an option), she wasn't able to really see as much as I'd like as it was pretty crowded.

She loved the otters. I think she thought they were swimming cats :-)

Oh, and while we were there, Gabriella said her 3rd word. Take a guess.... mommy? Nah..... Shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh me oh my.
There are some pictures that are posted on other blogs with Gabriella that I'll have to rely on since I wasn't able to get many:
http://2kaz4sophie.blogspot.com/ Scroll down since Muriel blogged every day we were there!!!!!!!!!!!


The McKenzie Crew said...

That Miss Gabby! She is even more beautiful in person than on her blog!!! I thought she was a doll baby and very sweet! She was no wilder than any of the other Guat tots I know:)Thanks so much for coming and being a special part of the weekend! It ws so nice to meet you in person!


Muriel and Jerry said...

Love the pictures and LOVE that Gabriella. She is a girl after my own heart.

Anonymous said...

Al and G,

So glad you girls were able to go to HOTlanta and meet your blog friends.

Love ya,
Auntie S

margaret said...

It was great to meet you! I have some pictures of Gabriella too, but no blog. I will wait a couple of days for Karen's snapfish album. If it's not up soon, I will email them to you. Gabriella is a cutie (:
Margaret (Helen's mommy)

Our Family of 5 said...

Awww, Gabriella is a little doll!! Busy like the rest. I too am so exhausted, sure does catch up with ya doesn't it? Ü

Ginger--Maya's mommy said...

Looks like you had a great weekend.

N & D said...

Little missy is absolutely beautiful! and had no problem sharing her cup with my little one :)
Gabby fit right in with all the other kids, wait till next year when there are a lot more toddlers!
Now that is a scary thought!

Holly G. said...

Next year we can chase Tornado G and Hurricane G together. I said it before and I will say it again...Our girls must be related somehow. not only do they look alike but they act alike too.

Kelly said...

I hate I didn't get to meet you but I did get to meet Gabby (I think you had gone to the room for a second during the meet & greet). She is beautiful!!!! Let me just say, Gabby and Kemry share personalities! Kemry won't sit still for a second and made the weekend way more exhausting than I ever imagined. I missed getting to meet a lot of people because my little crazy baby was on the go all the time. LOL Next year should be even more interesting (but I won't even consider it without dh next time lol). And I have to agree with you about the trains....grrrr. :) It was still a blast though and I was so happy to meet so many wonderful families. Gabby is so beautiful and that spirit will pay off someday very soon! :D

nikki said...

Love love love her costume!!!!
So cute!!!
Looks like you guys had so much fun!!!

Carrie said...

It was wonderful to meet you. Gabriella is beautiful. I am glad we got to talk. I wish we lived closer. Hopefully we will get to see you when we come to Orlando in January. I will send you the few photos I have.

Carrie said...

It was wonderful to meet you. Gabriella is beautiful. I am glad we got to talk. I wish we lived closer. Hopefully we will get to see you when we come to Orlando in January. I will send you the few photos I have.

Sig said...

I cannot believe it, that calm little girl I saw lastyear? LOL
I have to say, Abby is like Gabby and I am now glad I didn't go LOL
Hoefully by next year both ur girls will have calmed down and I will get to see you again!

Kristen and the Gang said...

Hi there...it was great to get to meet you and Gabby! I bet you were exhausted just as I was from chasing Bianca ALL OVER that hotel!!! I love that our little angels are full of energy, personality and fire!!! It makes for a very INTERSTING life! Take Care!