Friday, October 12, 2007

An Update on the Princess

I just wanted to post an update to let everyone know how Gabriella (and mommy) are doing. First, I want to say a big "Thank You" to everyone who has posted comments, sent e-mails and called me. It has meant a lot and I really do appreciate it. The stories of similar accidents with good outcomes have also helped.

Gabriella seems to be doing just fine and still has not shown any signs that she feels pain or realizes anything is wrong. At least when we're home. The daily trips to the dr. are a different story. Poor thing just hates being restrained and I think that's causing most of the angst. She did really good yesterday, but was beyond hysterical today. Poor mommy was crying too. Tomorrow daddy will be home and can go with her to give me a break from having to see her like that.

I don't know how long these daily visits will last(I am just taking it one day at a time). The dr. said that hopefully tomorrow she will just need to be redressed and no more dead skin will have to be taken off(sorry if that was graphic). I am actually dreading when they say we don't need to come back because it takes three people to get the ointment on and the dressings in place, so when it is time for just us to do it, we'll have to recruit some help. Of course, the hit to the wallet for the insurance co-pays every day will be nice to get a break from. But, I am just thankful to have insurance.

I also can't wait to be able to give her a real bath. Poor thing. Her hair is looking pretty icky. But, I can't figure out how to wash and rinse it without soaking the bandages and I don't want to do that as it would require them to be changed. We sat her in the tub with about 1/2 the normal amt of water last night and washed her legs, tummy and arms the best we could. I dampened her hair a bit too with a washcloth.

The doctors continue to be convinced that she is going to heal just fine in time. Her face did get much worse than it was initially and it ended up being 2nd degree as well, but it has bounced back quickly from what I can tell. I do still worry about her chest, but they said it will heal and they don't think there will be scarring. We'll just have to be extra careful about the sun for a while to come.


Kim said...

You poor thing - but I'm glad to hear that everything is going as well as expected.

Now - the question is - how are YOU doing. I hope you have been able to release the was an acident - nothing more.

Bless her heart!!

The McKenzie Crew said...

OMG- How are you???I am so glad to hear an update!I have been thinking abut you and actually talking about you too:) Gabriella is such a cutie! She is a tough cookie and that is such a great trait at a time like this!

SEEEEEEE - I told you she was wired the way she is for a reason! She is perfect just the way she is:)

I am so thankful that our prayers are being answered and she is doing beter:)
Give yourself a big hug from your blog sisters and know we all love you and are praying for you too:)


Bobbi said...

So glad she is getting better.

I believe that this is rougher for you than her. The Mom's always feel worse.

Hope her recovery continues to go well.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear Miss G is doing well. I hope you are recovering as well. Take care and you all are in my prayers.


Anonymous said...

Lurker here. Please don't be so hard on yourself. Accidents happen and little ones are so quick. At 2 yrs old my little girl burned the tips of her fingers after touching a cookie sheet I had just taken out of the oven. Like you, I turned my back for a few seconds.

And just so you can know these kind of things happen to many moms go check out Go back to May 19th 2007.

I will pray Miss G heals fast. Hugs to you.

Donna said...

I just checked your blog and read about Gabriella, so scary how quickly they get into things. I'm glad she is healing well. I will continue to pray for.

Take care,
Donna and ava

Tricia said...


Don't be so hard on yourself!!! You have had an AWFUL week and you need to give yourself some grace!

Accidents happen. This coming from a mama with a 4 year old that has visited the emergency room TWICE in 6 months.....stitches to the chin & her broken collarbone!!!!!!!

Kids are resilent & Miss G will bounce back in no time. Try to be calm with her and laid attitude affects my girls 110%!

Sending hugs from VA,

Ginger--Maya's mommy said...

Thanks for the update. I am glad to hear that you both are doing better. Hang in there.

Sam said...

Dear A,

I'm so happy to hear the doctor thinks the visits are almost done. I feel for you with the struggles. I tear up myself thinking of the two of you crying. I hope the healing continues to be thorough and speedy.


Kerry said...

So glad to hear some good news. I've been thinking about y'all all day. She's going to be fine, Mommy.

Stories from the Land of Sophia said...

Dear Alleen,
How difficult and scary this must have all been for you...even more than her. I feel for you and for Sophia. Thinking healing thoughts, praying for fast, happy days ahead. Again, I am so sorry to hear it and I am glad you are taking a break from the Dr. Visit. To be doing it alone, must have been difficult. I would be crying too.
-Jennifer & Sophia

Well-heeled mom said...

Just catching up and I'm so sorry! My gosh that is scary. Sending hugs your way.

Andrea said...

Oh Alleen, I've been thinking about you so much over these last few days. I know this entire experience has to be exhausting! I sure wish I lived closer to give you some help-I think a lot of us do! I know Miss G is your focus right now, but don't forget to take some time for yourself, too. You need some TLC, too! Hang in there, and keep us updated. Give Miss G a big fat kiss from all her cyber-aunts!

N & D said...

I can't imagine how hard it is to have to hold her down! Luckily kids are so resilient, she won't even remember any of this, unfortunately you will.
Do not beat yourself up, it was an accident.
We are all hoping and praying for quick healing and no scars!

Muriel and Jerry said...

Oh sweetie, I hope you both are doing a little better. Thank goodness G is a tough cookie! Everything will be okay!

Our Family of 5 said...

Back from a weekend away and had to check in and see how the little trooper was doing? Glad to hear it's a bit better! Sending hugs to Gabriella and Mommy!

Tricia said...

Just checking in on you this weekend to see how things are going.....


Jenny and Matt said...

OH! I hadn't checked in in a few days - sorry to hear about her mishap, but it sounds like Miss G is doing great! She's a trooper - and cute as can be in a bandage headband!

Crystal said...

Hey you!!! I have been thinking about you all weekend and I wondered how you both are doing!! --It sounds like you are okay---I have prayed for you both many times!!!! I wish I was there to just give you a big ole hug and to help with anything I can!!! OOh sweetie you will make it thru this and she will be okay!!! Will you let us know how you are?----(((((HUGS to you girlfriend HUGS))))) from all of us!!!! We love you Alleen and Gabriella!!!!

Shana said...

Alleen, I am so sorry that happened to Gabriella! I am just catching up on your post. Glad to hear that there will be no major damage though. It is NOT your fault. Accidents happen.

If it makes you feel anybetter, Haley was bitten on the face by my sister's dog this weekend. She is O.K. but I understand the guilt you feel. Hang in there!

Ellie Puls said...


Hi Alleen~

YOU BOTH ARE TROOPERS! Kids do the darnest thing. Hang in there.. So glad she is doing better.

I am nursing a egg on Angelena forhead... The funny thing is, I heard the hit (watermelon sound) she got up and started playing with out crying... She did start to cry when I grabbed her and shove ICE CUBES on her head...

Our kidds are always going to do little things like that...

So don't be hard on yourself, we don't live in Plastic Bubbles... (Though sometimes I wish I did!)


nikki said...

Thanks so much for updating. I've been wondering how you are holding up? Sounds like those Dr visits are so hard on BOTH of you. Hang in there! Sounds like she is healing nicely. Hope you find some time this week to do something for YOU, you deserve it.

Crystal said...

Just wondering how you are doing!--take your time I know you are busy just wanted to let you know you are missed and prayed for!!!! --cyber ((((((HUGS)))))) to you!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxoxo

Carrie said...

Thanks for the update Alleen! I have been thinking of you and so worried. It sounds like things are looking up. It always gets worse before it gets better.

Hang in there! I wish I was close by to help you out. It is not easy being a parent. We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers.

Hang in there! Sending you hugs and happy thoughts.