Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Healing Prayers Please

Gabriella (and mommy) could use some prayers today. Gabriella got burned today and mommy is feeling very, very guilty and sad.

First, before anyone freaks out, let me say that all indications are she will heal just fine. Time will tell.

I had just boiled some water and poured it over Gabriella's oatmeal. I put it on the island in our kitchen and turned to throw the packet away in the garbage 3 steps away. Gabriella reached up and pulled the bowl onto herself. She burned her chest the worst and her face is also burned under her mouth and on her chin. There are both 1st and 2nd degree(her chest mostly) burns.

I, of course, freaked out when I took her shirt off and saw how it looked. I tried to put a cloth with cold water on it, but she went bananas when I tried to do that. She was amazingly calm after the initial screaming. Once I picked her up and stopped trying to mess with it, she stopped crying. I wasn't sure whether to call 911, drive her to the ER or the pediatrician. So, I called Ferdy who calmly told me to take her to our family dr(not the ped) that is across the street from our subdivision. So, I threw on clothes as fast as I could (we were both still in our PJs) and rushed her to the car. I asked through my tears to see someone who could just tell me whether I needed to take her to the ER or not. A dr. looked at her and said she didn't need to go to the ER, but did need treatment ASAP at her pediatrician. So, I took her there and Ferdy met me. They cleaned her up and dressed it the best they could with her writhing around. I really think it was being restrained that made her more upset than pain. Once again, as soon as she was picked up, she stopped crying. The face was hard to cover and they did the best they could by wrapping gauze around her head to hold the bandages under her chin. Thank goodness the worst was on her chest which could be covered with a shirt and secured more easily.

We will go back tomorrow morning to get it cleaned and dressed again and assess how it looks. We'll go from there I guess. I will say her face has blistered more since we were there.

The amazing part is she honestly doesn't seem to notice anything is wrong. She played all day just like she always does and was smiley and happy. She ate her delayed breakfast(a COLD one!!), ate lunch and dinner took 2 naps, ate lunch and dinner and went to bed without a fuss. She did pull the dressing off of her face during her 1st nap, which I expected. So, we've just been putting the antibiotic cream on it as much as we can. The poor girl ended up in a turtleneck when it's 90 degrees out since I didn't want her to get to the dressing on her chest and the bandages were sticking out the top of a regular shirt.

I contemplated not blogging this, but I decided that if it helped the mommies and daddies out there think just a little extra about everything around their little ones, it would be worth it.

So, prayers for Gabriella to heal and for mommy to lose some of the guilt.

Here's a pic shortly after we got home(unfortunately, her face looks much worse now).


Katie said...

Awwwwww..... poor baby and mommy !! How tramatic -- I will pray for healing for both of you !!!

Bobbi said...

Try not to be too hard on yourself. They call them accidents for a reason. You weren't neglectful. She is just a very curious little girl!

I am sure that you are much more worse for the ware than she is. I bet she will heal up quickly.

Take care of yourself.

Kim said...

Alleen!!!! Please don't feel guilty - it was just an accident. Poor girl!!! I'm sure she will be fine, but I'll be praying for both of you. Alex and I really enjoyed spending time with you guys this weekend. Miss G. is just too cute!! {{{HUGS}}} to both of you!!!

Debra said...

Awww, I am so sorry for both of you. Sounds like Miss G will bounce back before Mommy does. She seems to be quite the trooper. Hang in there accidents happen but a good lesson I may just stick with cold ceral.

Farrah said...


I have been to your house and the garbage can is literally Two steps from the island...Little Miss G will be fine and don't be so hard on yourself, I do the same thing though if something happens to Madisyn...But Alleen I promise she will be fine.

John & Sarah said...

That poor baby girl and poor mommy. I am hurting for you both. Thank you for posting so we can offer prayers and also letting us know to think about the little things that take 3 seconds.

Ginger--Maya's mommy said...

Poor baby and mommy!!! I will be praying for both of you. Accidents happen!!! Don't blame yourself.

Sharon & Bill said...

Poor Gabriella!! Poor Mommy!!! Don't blame yourself, it was an accident. Curious little ones have a knack for finding trouble. I am sure she will heal nicely and so will you. Hang in there!


Type (little) a said...

So glad she's OK. I'd tell you not to feel bad, it was just an accident, all of us have taken our eyes off our children for a second or two, but i know you won't believe me. :-)

My ex-boyfriend had a similar thing happen to him when he was two, except it was a cup of tea. Even when he was 25, his mother still pushed hot things away from the edge, out of habit.

Muriel and Jerry said...

OMG I am so sorry for you both. Seriously, accidents happen and she will be fine...could have happened to anyone. You are in my prayers.

Kerry said...

That could happen to any of us. Cameron has pulled pots off the counter and conked himself in the head before. Thankfully, we were lucky and there was nothing in them. Accidents happen. Gabriella will be just fine and I doubt there will be any scarring left at all once she heals completely.

Hugs to Mommy. We are so hard on ourselves.

Michelle Smiles said...

Hugs to both of you! Accidents happen unfortunately! She won't remember it but I know you always will. Thanks for the reminder to the rest of us to be extra careful - but no one can be vigilant 24/7. Try not to beat yourself up!

When I was 2, my dad fell asleep on the couch when he was watching me. I tried to ride the dog and ended up with stitches on my upper lip and plastic surgery as a result.

Sarah said...

Oh no... poor Gabriella!! And poor Mommy! Don't feel guilty... accidents happen and often in a matter of seconds!

So glad that Miss G bounced back and was back to her little self so quickly. I know it will take mommy a bit longer!


Sarah and Sophie~Bug

The McKenzie Crew said...

Alleen I am so sorry this has happened!! Poor baby and poor Momma!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Motherhood is only for the bravest and toughest!
You are an amazing Mom and a terrific person. Accidents happen at EVERONE'S house. It could have happened to any of us! When Mac was 2 he grabbed my curling iron and blistered his little hands. He was fine - but I cried and beat myself up for days and actually I think weeks (that was 12 years ago). I am praying that Gabriella will heal perfectly and quickly with NO scars! I am also praying that you will be OK. PLEASE know that we are all behind you and love you and think you are a great Momma:) I saw you with your baby girl - I know how much she means to you and how hard you try and work to take good care oh her. Give yourself a hug from ME!!!!!!!
Hang in there and you can call me anytime if you need to talk or need anything! Again - we will be praying!

Love and Hugs to you Both:)


Mary said...

Dont be to hard on yourself.Accidents happen.When I was younger I got hot tomato soup down my back.She will heal fine.Ill be praying for a speedy recovery.

Carrie said...

Poor baby girl and mommy! It was an accident. That happens. Try not to be too hard on yourself. It isn't your fault. It just something freaky that happened. She does seem fine. She will heal way before Mommy. We can watch and be so careful all the time, but can't anticipate everything. Nobody every said being a parent was easy. It is much easier to go to work.

Hugs to both of you!!!!

Andrea said...

Oh Alleen, I am SO sorry. It was ABSOLUTELY an accident. I know how terrible I felt when K. took the header off the bed, but accidents happen. She's a tough little girl, and she'll be just fine. Mommy will DEFINITELY take longer to heal. We'll keep praying!

Holly G. said...


It is impossible to be perfect all of the time, especially with our two wild children. I had stitches once as a very young child and it's going to happen one of these days to mine too. We can't protect them from everything.

You are feeling more pain from this than, she is, I'm sure. She is a little trooper, a stealth little trooper.

Cut yourself a break, my friend.


Candy said...

OH GIRL I KNOW YOU FREAKED anyof us would...I am praying for you and Princess G...for streangth for you and SUPER QUICK HEALING for G...That sounds just like MISS SPPED RACER the BIG G....Fast as lightning

Nicole said...

I'll be thinking about you guys and hoping for as speedy recovery.

Anonymous said...

Hey Alleen please don't feel guilty. I know it's hard. I remember when Taylore was about a year old she burned herself on my curling iron. I called my mom in tears and one of her co-workers who was a nurse told me what to do. She also told me that her son burned himself as a kid. So see it happens to a lot of us. As someone else said, that's why they are called accidents. Take care and a speedy recovery to you both.


N & D said...

mommy guilt it the worst!
It was an accident, please don't beat yourself up about it. Our ped calls them learning bumps, it is tough learning lessons :(
I hope she feels better soon and heals ok.
(thanks for the advice about the sippy cup, I bought a straw cup for victoria and she loves it!)

The McKenzie Crew said...

Hey - checking on you this morning!Hoping you had a good night and that Gabs is feeling better this morning. I hoe you are feling better too:)



Kerri said...

Accidents happen. They are not a reflection of parenting skills. Keep reminding yourself of that.
Thinking of both of you.
Kerri and Ruby

nikki said...

Oh Alleen you sound so upset in your post. Accidents happen, and as hard as we try to be one step ahead of our kids at all times, we can't. All we can do is be there to comfort them afterwards.
Kids heal up so quickly, I'm sure it will be better in no time.
Praying for both of you.

MMrussianadoption said...

Oh my! I hope she heals soon! Don't feel too guilty. It happens to the best of us. The important thing is that you got her the care she needed.

Our Family of 5 said...

awwww, Bless her little heart! Sending hugs your way!! I am sure your mom hurt then she is. Praying for a quick recovery for you both!

Dena said...

Hope she feels better and heals super fast!

Amy S. said...

Awwww... WE have all been a little careless Aleen. We Moms are not perfect..and these little ones are faster than a "speeding" bullet as the saying goes. I know its hard not to beat up yourself over it..but focus on knowing that these little ones are just plain "fast" and its a reminder that we "all" as Moms have to be on our toes at all times..If that's possible! She is still a cutie with that bandage around her. IM praying that the scars if any will fade in a matter of time.
I will of course say a prayer for the both of you.

Love and hugs..

Karen D. said...

I will be sending prayers your way! Please don't beat yourself up over this! You are an incredible mom! Accidents will happen! I literally fell off of a house when I was 9- long story- and my dad was the builder! I was the one and only child that had ever gotten hurt on one of his buildig sites and he was in the business for 40 plus years! So, accidents will and do happen!

Love and prayers,

Bekah said...

oh goodness. she will never remember it but i know it is so hard not to feel guilty but it's honestly not your fault. you are a fabulous mother. i will pray she heals quickly!

Kelly said...

oh, little Gabriella...hope you are feeling okay today...and Alleen, hope your heart is healing too. This can happen to ANYONE and I am proud of you for posting cause it is easy to forget how FAST our little angels can be. Love to you.

Sam said...

My stomach is just in knots reading your post because I know how easily this type of accident can happen to any parent and baby. Every day that our little ones go to bed unscathed is a day that we get supremely LUCKY.

Of course I am sending my hopes for little Gab to get well soon, but I also send big hugs to her Mommy, who was so brave in the face of that kind of trauma. And you were--brave and strong and the best mommy you could be.

Thank you for sharing this story.


Crystal said...

oooh honey I did not see this until now----ooh sweetie (((((HUGS)))))) to you both!!!---ooh my sweet Alleen oooh sweetie please don't feel guilty accidents happen!!!!!!!! I could tell you a few stories---- ooh honey I will be praying for Gabriella to heal quickly with no scars--and for you to have peace and comfort your baby will be okay--and for you to be assured you are the the best momma evah!!!! --((((((HUGS to you sweetie hugs))))))))

Julie P said...

Ohhh - Accidents do happen. Thank-you for sharing with us. Now we can all send positve thoughts and prayers for G's speedy recovery. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly children forget what traumatizes us for such a long time.

Laurie said...

Whoa! That is a trauma. It happens all the time (very recently with my SIL and some tea . . . and my nephew . . .). Thank you for the extra warning, and I hope G is better soon (My nephew has NO scarring.)