Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Nothing Exciting to Report

Not a whole lot going on here this week, so I'll just share some pics I've taken over the last few days.

She was so proud of herself for putting her shapes on top of the toy. Oh to be a kid and amused by such little things....

Loving on her kitty.

OK Mom, just how long do you think I will sit here for a picture?

I'm getting bored here....

I think I'll pull my hairbow out.

Ha! Gone.

Yep, see, I have it!

Now, I'll turn my attention to taking my shoes off. Gee, I've only done that 8,000 times today while we were out.

One down, one to go.

Now, let me help put my laundry in the hamper.

All done.

Mommy, I like wearing your shoes better than mine.


Amy S. said...

Aleen..So very cute that you have a big helper! She does look like she is always busy and doesn't sit still for a minuet..I bet that means she takes looooooong naps because she wares herself
The look on her face when taking the bow out is...she knows you don't want her to. Ive seen that look many times on my

Love and Hugs...

Jenny and Matt said...

That big grin is the best! That's a cute dress, too!

Farrah said...

She is getting so big... Isn't it amazing how fast they grow.

And little miss buzy body..I know she doesn't sit still for a minute.
Pass some of that to Madisyn and I'll pass her being still to you!

Sarah said...

Gabriella... you are just too too cute! Love that you and Sophie have that "shoe on, shoe off" obsession!!

Love and hugs,

Sarah and Sophie~bug

Our Family of 5 said...

Isn't it amazing that if it's on, it must come off and if it's off it must go on. Gabriella is a sweetie as always!

Kim said...

I love that patchwork dress! So cute!!!

Anonymous said...

What a cute girl!!!!!

I see that the furry kids have a new "condo". Good for them!

Auntie S

nikki said...

Miss G looks so cute with the hairbow. Liv takes hers out now too:(
What kind of camera did you get?

Muriel and Jerry said...

Okay I had to catch up on your posts. I love the pictures. The one with the shoes on thw wrong feet is sooo cute. Her burn looks totally gone and I am so glad.

Carrie said...

Love loving on the kitty!!!

Does she keep your shoes on better than hers???? Ha, ha!!

What is it about putting things on top of things? Savannah puts her little blocks on top of her drum.

I LOVE that dress. Savannah had it last year, but we had to put a turtleneck under it here.

She looks beautiful on the purple chair!