Saturday, August 19, 2006

Blessings From Afar

Gabriella received gifts this week from two wonderful ladies using the same agency to adopt their little princesses.

Michelle is waiting on her referral. I expect it will be any day now!!!!! She sent these adorable clothes:

Tricia is still paperchasing. She sent this beautiful bracelet she made as a PGN gift!!! The little charm on it is a tiara. Fitting for a princess(I sense a theme here). Sorry the lighting isn't so great - I tried everything.

Click on the pictures and you'll see them much better.

I'm so lucky to have made some really great friends through this process. We'll always share a special bond. Someday Gabriella will be touched by how many people followed her journey and cheered her on.


Anonymous said...

What lovely gifts!

One day when Gabby is much older, and she looks back on her blog, card and letters she will know how truly loved she was (and is) before she ever came "home".

Aunt Sares

MAMB said...

Glad you liked the little gift. I thought the onesie was fitting :)

And what a cute bracelet! How sweet of Tricia! We do have a great crew at FTC.

MMrussianadoption said...

What an adorable baby. I love the outfits. Girls are just so easy to shop for.

Sig said...

You got a bracelet from Auntie Tricia too! How wonderful!!!
So happy for you, you must be so excited!

The McKenzie Crew said...

Hoping that Gabriella is home soon!!:)