Friday, August 25, 2006

TGIF from the Westin

Last night Gabriella did sleep all night!!! She coughed a lot all night long though. Didn't wake her up, but kept mommy up unfortunately(the woes of being in a hotel room). She doesn't seem to really be feeling bad because of the cold, just stuffy and coughing and sneezing.

She's had two catnaps this morning. Her fostermom says her longer nap is in the afternoon.

Mommy really has a lot to learn. It was time for a bottle and she was definitely fussing. So, I gave her a bottle and she wasn't drinking anything and becoming increasingly fussy. I kept trying to give it to her - nothing. Well, finally I realize(after 3 or 4 iterations of this routine) that the nipple was stuck closed and nothing was coming out!! Once it was freed up, guess what, she WAS hungry! hee hee.

Just like the last time we were here, she woke up such a happy, smiling baby. What a way to start the day!! Here are a couple of pictures from this morning. More to come this afternoon.

We sat by the pool for a bit today. But, there was a good bit of ash from the volcano that was around and so we left when we kept getting flecks of ash all over everything.

Right now, I have her in her crib after her bottle hoping she'll nap for a while. She's playing for now.


Lisa said...

Oh, what sweet pics. I'm sorry she is still coughing. Did you say she was on meds already? I hope we make it my Tues. Are y'all leaving on the morning or afternoon flight? Keep the pics coming!

MAMB said...

She's beautiful and I'm so excited that she is YOURS now! What an amazing feeling it must be! Congrats.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pictures! A hat! Auntie Jeri is so proud of the little fashion girl!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! She is precious and your family has been truly blessed by God with this new little addition to your family.
God bless you on your new journey now.

Andrea said...

I love the napping picture. She is just too cute! God Bless you and your family!

Anonymous said...

The long wait is finally over - how wonderful for all three of you. I love the napping pic as well! Hope she feels 100% soon.



Anonymous said...

Love the pic of you cathcing some rays. Love the hat too!

Aunt Sares
P.S. Please give your Mom and Dad a big hug from me!

Anonymous said...

I'm SO happy for you guys! Too funny about the nipple, you'll learn fast! And you're so lucky that she's a great sleeper! Yay!