Thursday, August 31, 2006

Home Sweet Home

Well, we are home as a family. Seems all very surreal still. We arrived home about an hour late last night because of a fueling error for our aircraft in Atlanta. Seems they put enough fuel in for a trip to Europe instead of the 1-hr flight to Orlando! So, after boarding and getting settled, we had to get off and go to another gate and wait for the other plane to get prepped.

Gabriella did very well on the two flights. She slept for a pretty large portion of the time. She really only fussed for probably 20 minutes total for both flights. Phew!

Here are some pics of the journey home.

Mom filling out the customs forms

Hanging with dad on the plane

Hey mom, are we there yet??

Both girls trying to catch some shut-eye.

I like my new toy!!! Lots of things to look at.

Kera checking out the strange new creature that has invaded her house. Sniff, sniff - she smells funny!

Bing is not a happy camper. PO'd in fact.

Getting a bottle in my new room. Gabriella liked looking around at all the neat stuff.

Mom and dad had not eaten since lunch yesterday on the plane(ick!) so we went to Panera. Gabriella loves her new stroller.

Then we went to the grocery store. She fell right asleep in her carseat and it's only a 3 minute drive.

Meeting grandma for the first time!

We are both pretty exhausted and this cold is kicking my butt! I hope it moves on quickly! I was able to take a nap this afternoon while daddy fed and changed and played. AHHHHH. Daddy is now napping.


Anonymous said...

Welcome home, Gabriella!!!!
Russ, Cindy, and Abigail

MMrussianadoption said...

Welcome home. It is great to see her so comfortable in her new surroundings. Too bad for the cat though. She is so cute.

Lisa said...

WELCOME HOME!!! Why do the girls always get stuck filling out those immigration form? I had to do both of ours there and back on the visit trip. Now that I know how to fill them out it will be a breeze this time. In just 5 days Maegan will be in our arms forever! Still hasn't sunk in!!!
Lisa & Joel

Tricia said...


Welcome home! You must be physically, emotionally & mentally exhausted. I'm so sorry to hear about your nasty cold. Those can be the worst!

I am SO THRILLED for you guys. I hope you can spend Labor Day weekend just resting up & relaxing.

FEEL better soon! Don't forget to take care of YOURSELF!

Anonymous said...

Bing and Kera have nothing to complain about. I've walked by their litter box(s) many times, and PU!!!! Gabby, you just remind them of that.

Enjoy your first holiday weekend at home, 3!

Auntie Sares

nikki said...

Welcome home!!!!!!! Looks like Gabriella is really enjoying finally being home. Alleen, Hope you feel better.

Sam said...

Looks like you've all been there together forever. ;) So glad you're home safe and sound.

Hope that nasty cold is gone soon. Ugh.

Farrah said...

Welcome home, I can't wait to post that we are home. And I didn't realize you live sooo close to me, we are in POLK county, about 30 mins from orlando. Small world.

MAMB said...

I can't imagine how it must feel to finally be home and be able to close the waiting chapter in your life. Congrats and enjoy settling into your life as a family!

Anonymous said...

Welcome home!!

She DOES look right at home in her new surroundings! You're blessed to have such a happy baby! Feel better soon!


Dawn and Joe De Lorenzo said...

It is great to see pics from your home as a family! She is so pretty! Your cat's reaction is good preparation for us...we have a cat who is spoiled rotten and will probably not be too happy when we bring our son home.

Anonymous said...

Why does the look on Bing's face not surprise me? haha...too funny. I hope you all are feeling better. Welcome home!