Monday, August 14, 2006

I'm It

I've been tagged by Tricia to fill out this about myself. So, here goes nothing:

I am .... shier than I seem(really!)
I want .... to have Gabriella home NOW!
I wish .... I could worry less about things I have no control over.
I hate .... that the world is in such turmoil.
I miss .... my friend Connie. She would have loved to meet Gabriella.
I hear .... the sound of the A/C working away to keep up with this heatwave!
I wonder .... what Gabriella will grow up to be (hopefully anything she dreams).
I regret ....
too many things sometimes and I'm working on that.
I am not .... timid to speak my mind.
I dance .... like someone with NO rhythm whatsoever!
I sing .... badly, very badly.
I cry .... easily ~ when I'm happy, sad, mad, watching a TV show, you name it.
I am not always .... as patient as I wish I were.
I make .... great lasagne I'm told.
I write .... in email and my blog but not much else.
I confuse .... lots of people trying to explain the adoption steps.
I need .... to start eating more healthily.
I should .... slow down and take in the small things in life.
I start .... too many hobbies and then lose patience.
I finish .... things at the last minute.

I now tag Kim , Lisa and Sam