Sunday, August 27, 2006

Daily Update and Hurricane Prayers!

We went to bed last night with Hurricane Ernesto forecast to hit Louisiana and woke up to it now headed for Florida. Aye yay... Please pray it doesn't come in over Tampa - too close for comfort for us. Landfall a little further south and Orlando will be a target. Welcome to Florida Gabriella!!!

Last night mommy got her first projectile vomit experience. I had just put her down to bed after a bottle and she started coughing. I guess she coughed so much, she started spitting up. As soon as I picked her up, out it all came. Didn't seem to faze her. We changed our jammies and went right to sleep. Of course, that meant I jumped up every time she coughed during the night(which was a lot).

On a much happier note, here are some pics from today.


MAMB said...

Welcome to mommy-hood! It's so nice to see you all together!

Andrea said...

ooohhh..projectile vomit. NOT something I can say I am looking forward to. But it sounds like you took it all in stride :) Let's hope Ernesto misses Tampa! Best wishes!

Anonymous said...

Samantha projectile vomited all over the floor in Dillards a couple of weeks ago! LOL She didn't seem to mind. Good luck with the hurricane, I hope you can make it home Wed.


MMrussianadoption said...

Oh no! You know, my mom lived in a housecoat for the first 3 months of my life. I was born with an immature digestive system. I projectile vomited across the room every meal. Welcome to being a new mom!

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