Friday, August 11, 2006

Our growing girl

Here are some pictures from Gabriella's Dr. Appt a week ago(Aug 4). She is now 13lbs 4oz and just over 23" long(I guess she'll be short like me!).

The report says she's very alert and listens attentively when spoken to responds to the different tones of voices she hears, especially to no and is very vocal herself making many cooing noises of her own, she also produces some consonant and vowel sounds,vocalizes her laughter and her feelings of pleasure.

Enjoy the pictures! I hope this is the last dr. report before we have her home!!!!! That smile just lights up my world!!!!! And, if you look closely, she has her ears pierced.


stephasteph said...

She is too cute! My husband is from Guatemala. He is interested in helping people adopt children from there. He came from there so he has seen how those children have to live. it makes him so sad. how did you get started?

stephasteph said...

my email is

Tricia said...

What a beauty!!!! Her smile brightens up my day!

Dawn and Joe De Lorenzo said...

She is precious! That smile can melt a heart!!! God Bless...hope she is home soon :-)